On days, and Off days?

Do they exist?, or are they just an excuse?

Do they exist?, or are they just an excuse?

I say they totally exist.

I was actually thinking about this recently. I was sparring with a guy at my club that I spar with weekly. Usually I am better than he is and, although we have fun and he is a great sparring partner, I end up getting the better of him. I'm faster, have more experience etc...

A few weeks ago, there was a tonne of stuff going on. My dad is very sick, work is super busy etc...interestingly enough in sparring one night he completely owned me. To the point where he actually asked me if anything was wrong. My timing sucked, my mind wandered, he was landing stuff I would normally have easily blocked.

Driving home from class I actually started to think "maybe there is something to it when the pros talk about personal issues."

You could never have an "on" day if you didn't "off" days.

I agree with canuck34... you can have on and off days.. There are guys that when sparing or rolling I can destroy and then one day you are sparing with them and they just lay you a beating, so either they are really 'on' that day or I am 'off' that day.


when i played shortstop in ball, some days i was just ON i ate up everything, grounders, line drives, turning doubles that shouldn't have been there, and then stepin up to the plate and then hitting for the cycle.

then theres the odd days, i couldn't STOP the ball let alone catch it, over throws, the whole bit. usually happens when you're mentally exhausted. you can be physically tired, but if your heads in the game, you're fine.

BUT, there were always guys cop'n out sayin they were having bad days...but like...u can't have off days ALL the time. you're either good or you're not.