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My name is Mick Williams. I am a LEO in Indiana. I check the forum often for the many nuggets of wisdom you and your team pass on. I rarely post on the forums but I felt a need to post more recently because of recent events.

Your post speaks volumes...you don't know how many times I have heard in the past week from civilians and police officers "they just had knives..." Many people don't realize that it is believed that the first thing the terrorists did was inflict wounds on the flight crew to cause mental stunning and shock for the passengers. When faced with a scene of someone wildly slashing at people and giving orders, many people's rational thought process and amassed technical skill go right out the window.

I also wanted to pass this little truism on that I had heard in the media coverage. One of the networks was interviewing an expert on surviving disasters ( can't remember his name or what made him an expert), and I liked one thing he said: "Survivors don't necessarily make better decisions than you or me, but they make decisions! And they make decisions quick enough to give themselves options later on."

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How long are the video specials running?


Im going to do my best to continue helping out in NYC, as 10% is going to either Red Cross or Firefighters... I have no time-line on this yet.


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Is controling the Blade about your or your attackers?

All my tapes are about controlling attackers.


el topo

Last week I was in the most remarkable place I could be, at Ft Bragg training warriors. None of them flinched at the news on CNN.

Our training did not stop - it intensified.

Friends...one of the learning phases in our PDR Program is understanding the difference between a REALIZATION and REALIZING.... the 'realization' is instantaneous' whereas 'realizing' implies 'over a period of time'. You can lick your wounds, mourn, ponder, wonder or have a realization. I'm not suggesting we forget about the courage, sacrifice or loss, I'm suggesting we use that to catapult us into a new mindset.

At night after training down at Ft. Bragg I sat in shock at what had happened, imagined the horror, re-viewed the imagined terror, screamed at the TV as idiotic reporters asked the same questions over & over, read the same headlines again & again...but then I looked at the clock and told myself, bedtime, need to rest, working with soldiers in the AM. And I went to sleep, fettered, but I slept.

I drove to our training site listening to the news, again mourning, thinking, but when I arrived at the site we all trained, we focused on the task, the directive the tactics and 7-8 hours later we stopped and the cycle repeated.

We didn't stop training because of Tuesday; we trained harder because of Tuesday!!!

Like I've said in my PDR classes, its not about NO FEAR its about KNOW FEAR, now we KNOW. Feel it, look it in the eyes and snarl back.

Several emails to me alluded to knife fighting confidence, someone on the forum wanted to know what ART was best for the street!!

Here is a part of my reply:

"Art is for a museum.

A missing element to all training, especially the 'ambush' attack is in underestimating the ruthlessness and suddenness of the initial assault that creates paralyzing fear.... Understanding how to move & use your body is not about learning an art form, so if your goal is self-defense, make sure your definitions support your directives. Fear management and creating mental blueprints through replication training should be the focus of your training."


"Many people were shocked to hear that the attackers only had knives. Criticism and comments were made about this – 'Just a knife!' Friends, it wasn't the blade that shut down the nervous system's of those watching it was the ruthlessness and suddenness of the initial assault used to create the paralyzing fear in passengers...

It's not about technique driven muscle-memory training for this type of situation....muscle-memory is far too over-rated, this is about gross motor primal principles, coupled with indignation and audacity."

These comments in no way are meant to judge or demean anyone related to the atrocity...evaluating from a safe distance is far easier than up close and personal, my time and energy here is merely to illuminate an area of training and perspective often over–looked in conventional systems and those are the emotional considerations that afflict performance typically groomed in cooperative conditions.

Once you have some basic bio-mechanic fundamentals, the rest is left your mind. So remember, the opposite of courage is not cowardice, the opposite of courage is 'dis-courage' – a mental/visual negative self image that can and usually does lead to tactical impotence!!

So get hard, stay hard.


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