on my way to the iowa home gym

thats right. all of you can be jealous, i am on my way to the all together badass, slice of Heaven on Earth known as "La Case de Punk Dobbies."

With any luck, I will be there in time for judo Thursday night, hanging out at the farm on Friday, and then be giving a clinic on Saturday.

Its gonna be good times!


How much do you charge to do a clinic?

Punk Dobbs translation of "hanging at the farm on Friday" is "digging post holes".

Josh will leave there a PHD. (Post Hole Digger).

send me an email and we can discuss things.. resnick66@yahoo.com

walt.. I did go to the farm yesterday, but instead of having to dig any post holes I was treated to the visual enjoyment of watching our very own P-Diddy get electricuted on his own fense. hilarious.

Josh, aren't you still there?

Waiting for more shocking details of Josh's visit to the farm.

Ok, my fingers have recovered enough from the "fence encounter" to type now.

Josh is now driving back home after staying Thur and Fri nights. He got in Thursday in time for judo and did randori with me and my guys. I tried really hard to footsweep him but couldn't do it. I tried telling myself that he was just a big bale of hay but it didn't help. I did get to be on the receiving end of a dimelo finally. It was cool.

I had to work on Friday but after, we toured the farm and he helped me repair my electric fence. I knew I should have turned the fence off first but decided I could just pull on the ends past the insulators and work on it live. All went well until the end when I didn't realize that the last strand (not a hot one) had overlapped a hot wire further down the line. I had a good grip and was pulling hard so it was a pretty good zap!

You know you come from a hard training environment when you laugh and point at someone being electrocuted. Next time I'll just pretend to unplug the fence and then have Josh pull on the wire...

Anyway, I couldn't let him leave without carrying a bale of hay out to a paddock. The pic is on his camera and should get posted tomorrow.

The clinic today was a big success. I learned a lot. Basically everything he showed I have seen in Olympic and World Championship matches but have never been shown the techniques before.

I seriously intend to try to throw someone with a dimelo at the Veishea tournament next weekend. Not only did I learn a lot, my guys really soaked it up as well. I'm pretty much the best judo player most of my guys have ever seen so it was good to widen their horizons and let them see what a real judo player looks like.

I'd highly recommend bringing Josh in for a clinic. His judo is unique, modern and well thought out. His wife Ai is lovely and his daughter is the cutest, sweetest, most polite little lady! It was a real treat having them as guests.

Thanks PD.. We had a great time at your place. His girl watched over my daughter like her own sister. Taught her to ride a pony horse, let her play in her room without a second thought, you name it. After waking up this morning my daughter threw a tantrum becuase she couldn't go to the farm today. Not to mention, but his son is a guitar playing genius.

But really, the dojo-gym is unreal. There is nothing that is missing. Free weights, pull-up bars, rings, rowing machines, dead lift/clean & jerk platform, etc.. The mats feel as if they are on springs-- it seriously is the best surface I have ever been on. He used Lafon's idea with the tires under the mat, but instead of using normal or thin width car tires he used tires that must be from a full size pick-up. it's such a nice mat I swear that if I had that same set-up my career could've lasted 5 more years.

Further.. beware those of you who venture to the world fo randori with P-diddy. He is a switch-sider. The guy fights right or left equally as well without any lapse of motion, timing, throw secection or style of play. He is in unreal shape and is also a natural athlete. Im not kidding when I say that if he would've started judo before he was 19 he would have been one of the best 60kg the USA ever had.

Good potency!

Is that the dimelo demo at the seminar?

Here is the dimelo


Great turnout!

Best home dojo. Great haircut. Fabulous house. Immune to electricity. Punk Dobbs is da fucking king of Iowa!

Amazing setup. Glad to hear the seminar went well.