on my wii

hey guys i'm typing this from my new nintendo wii w00t!

me too, fellow

Yeah, pretty weak attempt Bry Bry.

Stick to what you are good at, leave the trolling to professional, paid Sony marketers like redeye.

other than zelda (which will eat up a good 50-60 hours of your time),
there are several other games definitely worth getting at this point.
rayman, elebits, trauma center, and madden all got ratings over 8 at ign.
not to mention wii sports is addictive as hell. they've also got a few really
good virtual console (super mario 64, zelda) games out with more on the
way (toe jam and earl, original super mario bros) each week. as far as
future releases, wario ware and wii play will both be out early in 07.
compared to recent launches, nintendo has a nice selection. no harm in
waiting, but you won't find yourself bored in the least if you get one now.

Dave, Wii Play has some gold in it. Trying to crack a platinum on all the games is hard.

If you spend some amount of time exploring and not just take the shortest route possible, you got 100 hours in Zelda too.

Wii Sports is probably enough to keep almost anyone entertained forever.

Having said that, Star Wars, Mario Galaxy, etc will be awesome, and I am looking forward to the new releases.


i'm writing with my wii too

what the wii needs is online gaming, but still solid line up for launch

i think playing a star wars game would be fun with the controller, you can fight duels and launch lightning by throwing out your hand.

Dave, I said TRYING to get a plat. Not succeeding :-)

Got one in shooting. Muzz in fishing. Soph is tearing up Find a Mii (level 61).

Tanks is awesome. Love that game. 2 player is fun too.

Pose a Mii is fun for about 5 levels then it gives me the shits. Lazer hockey ain't too bad. Expect the cpu goes nuts once you get to 9 goals and won't let you score again.