$$ on Olivera and O'malley

I have $50 on Olivera to win by submission in rounds four or five for + 2100 odds. And $100 for him to finish in any round.

O’malley to win in
R1: $100 +1000
R2: $50 +1400
R3: $51 +2200


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Seems like a solid chance to lose at least $201.


I thought OMalley looked out of depth against Rivera. Good luck

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I’m praying O’Malley gets whooped, can’t stand his stupidity.

Yan may be too small for him though.

Yan has to attack his lead leg to make up for the reach disadvantage.

This is it faggots! I’m buying everyone a shot!

Faggot ass O’Malley has grabbed the fence 3X.

Fence grabbing faggot O’Malley

He wasn’t grabbing the fence. Hand was spread. Shut your ass up.

He was grabbing even if was for 1 second pussy.

He clearly lost.

Bullshit decision.

Only 2 seconds of fight control vs almost 5 for Yan. You’re dumb.

Lol cry me a river

I thought Yan won too but I have no problem with another Russian sanction. I blame Putin.

Now go to bed son

Significant strikes are greater than takedowns. Way more damage.