On the Mat came through!

I just would like to say congratulations to Gumby for the excelent turn out of the tournament held this past weekend(NORCAL NO-GI HEROS
TOURNAMENT in Union City).

The tournament involved a lot of different academies in Bay Area and a lot of the competitors showed their support and it was a lot of very exciting matches!

Good job Gumby and keep the good work my friend!


This was clearly a labor of love on the part of Gumby. He was out there reffing all day.

The other refs were pretty good too. The head instructor from Open Door Jiu Jitsu was a real gentleman with kind words for competitors after their matches, and Denny Prokopos was exuberant as always.

There was some serious sandbagging from Crispim's "kiddie's league." Those guys may be kids, but they were very technical and probably should be competing as adults. :-) (just kidding!)

Props to all the competitors who somehow "held it in" in the face of only ONE working bathroom. When the showers/bathrooms are constructed this will be a fine venue for smaller meets, but at this match on the business office bathroom was up and running (the showers/bathrooms are under construction) and the porta-potty company failed to deliver the porta potties that On the Mat ordered.

On the other hand, brackets were organized and no one got "left off the list" due to computer/paperwork glitches.


great first tourney for onthemat in northern cali. next one will be bigger and better. there were lots of great matches with some norcal up and comers. props to Serginho, Denny, Darren, Raul, Paul and all the instructors and gyms that came out and especially to the One World Crew for their support.


Thanks to all, and a big thanks to you Sergio, for the support and refereeing!

First wave of videos will be up on the site tomorrow! More to come!

ttt to One World Jiu-Jitsu!

Please double check the results. My friend and classmate who won the 145 beginners is listed as third place! (You signed the back of his medal!)