On the side of caution

Meh, wouldn't have hurt to wait a bit...

Karo was clearly not rocked

he folded like an accordion i'd say thats rocked

Flash knockdown, imo....

Karo Parshamrock?



Anyone who thinks Karo wasn't rocked is either blind or Karo Nuthugger. Karo is 1 of my favs but he was finished.

Exactly, White347lX

Don't leave any room for tantrums.

Do I think he got dropped, info? Yes. Do I think he could have continued?


^^i agree with White34...in karos case and Houstons case, let the fight go an extraq 5 seconds to make sure the guy cannot comeback from the onslaught..some guys recover very quickly where others dont...i hate these controversial stoppages...

"Karo was clearly not rocked"

He was clearly done, it had to be stopped.

You do have a case there, inf0!!!!

 I'd have liked to see a few more punches, but I think he was KO'd when he crumpled. He may have recovered quickly but that doesn't change anything.

Similar to but much, much better than the Bocek/Pellegrino stoppage, where the fight was stopped the instant Bocek turned away. Karo basically crumpled into a fetal position and lay on his side getting punched in the face. He was done.

I was actually going to start comparing Karo to Tim Sylvia, with his recent penchant to win, rather than finish...

Since he was promised a title shot, I believe...