On the street if you caught a guy

If in a streetfight a guy tried to shoot in on you for a double-leg and you blocked him by sprawling and with a guillotine, what would you do next?

1. Drop to your back and put him in full guard and try to choke him out (but risk him escaping and trying to then hit you)


2. Force him face down onto ground, release the hold and spin around to take his back?


2. Force him face down onto ground, release the hold and spin around to take his back?

- People like to bite when they are in the guillotine.


I would worry about rolling backwards on concrete, but that would be great on grass.

"People like to bite when they are in the guillotine."

Bite what??

a few knees to the head....before spinning to his back.

thats easy, pull guard and start working for a sweep or rubber guard maybe!

hell if he has on long sleeves work spyder guard

viva jiujitsu!!

: )

I like Loki's option the best.

No, PINKsinglet has the right idea. Make sure to hold your position after the sweep so you get your 2 points.

defintely, if he has a friend then look to the friend for the 3 count so you know that the points have been scorred there is nothing worse than a damn scoring controversy after the altrcation

of course if you keep attacking with the choke you might get an advantage so.............

I'd beat the hell out of myself for being stupid enough as to wind up in a street fight in the first place.

"Bite what??"

All he has to do is turn his head toward your ribs and your torso is easily bitten.

I would get his face down on the ground and have him turtle, knee him a few times on his dome to keep him there, then stand up and boot his head. No need to grapple when you don't have to.

Option B would be definately go into the rubber guard and work my meathooks, London, and Mission Control.

If you have legs like Mirko Crocop or Silva, then I would use knees. Otherwise, walk away and hit the mats. Street fights are a bad idea.

Well rolling backward on the cement shouldn't hurt you - it IS a roll not a slam. The cement is usually pretty smooth anyway. So I aint too worried about that.

OK otherwise, regarding the Guillotine. Is it a carotid type strangle or a windwipe choke? Reason I ask is that it is easy to put someone out with a strangle in a few seconds but with a windpipe choke it is like cutting of their air (like holding their breath) and may take a few minutes to put them out and by the time they went out they might also be dead.


1.I would do everything I could to stay on my feet
2. I would use his momentum to sprawl, slam his face into the ground them stomp him in the back of the head.
3. Forget about the fancy BJJ sport techniques. You guys that think that stuff will work on the street are living in fantasy land.
4. There is no way in hell I would intentionally go to the ground in a street fight.

sprawl a front headlock and start throwing knees. Anythign else would be.......uncivilized.


While I understand your not wanting to go to the ground, the fact of the matter is that you may not have much of a choice in the matter. And if so, then you might need those "sport jiujitsu" techniques to save your ass! Not the "fancy ones" mind you, but the basic ones that we all learn such as reversals, sweeps, and basic submissions.

We're trying to keep this thread nice here. No need to be inflammatory...

Sprawl hard & Knee up the middle repeatedly . Just look at Mark Kerr vs Heath Herring. Chances are on the street it won't be a world class wrestler you'll be fighting & your opponent will try to tackle you making the knees easier to land.

Front face lock and neck crank.

I feel very confidant in my guillotine

knees and try to finish standing, probably drop to guard if i couldnt