On this week's Iron Ring (Tuesdays at 10:30 PM ET/

After seeing both fighters injured during last week’s devastating Daniel Akinyemi v. Derek Strong fight, we learn whether either competitor comes out on top. We also witness a series of explosive new fights including:

- Lightweights: Jaral Bowman v. Amin Hameed (Ludacris)

- Heavyweights: George Yerden v. Joe Thomas (T.I.)

- Heavyweights: Carlos Moreno v. Jared Palmer (Dipset)

Plus, see how Arbitrator Rashon Kahn and Coach Novell G. Bell deal with a fighter who claims he can’t fight due to an injury.

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 carlos moreno is an animal...it'll be nice to see him get some exposure from this show....

"Can't win a fight from your back" was the best quote eva.

^^^agreed. that or, in response to a guillotine, TI screams "I made that move famous!!!"


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 thanx evomma........


i guess you need mor ethan a blue belt to beat anybody these days...