On vacation in Mexico

one year i went to mexico i was fine the whole week. i flew out of an airport that was maybe 2 hours away. the return flight didn’t come in until midnight or so. i’m cruising home on an empty highway, my wife asleep in the seat next to me when i feel it.

she wakes up a few minutes later and my knuckles are white at 100 MPH, i keep passing exits and then seeing 24 hour coffee places as soon as its too late to get off. the tension mounts.

i finally pull over and just make it to a bathroom i knew would be open and available. god knows the distance i could have gotten off of that liquishit had i just bent over and let it erupt naturally on the side of the road.

never been sick in Mexico, except for the last time on the way home I made the mistake at eating at Guy Fieri’s shithole place in the cancun airport.

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Yea fuck that place lol.

A whole week of eating tacos off the streets totally fine. Eat at Guy Fieris on the way out of town because it’s the only thing open and get the shits.

I’m not worried about anything happening to me. My concern is with what authentic Mexican cuisine will do to my intestinal track.

Had tacos in tijuana today. Feelin good.

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Go to Hong Kong. Fuck Abril. You wont be disappointed.

Have you been since covid?

Couple weeks ago, but I was with old friends and didn’t have the right kind of fun.

Also, fellas, I’ve said this a thousand times. If you value your health and safety in Mexico, never, ever eat pork off a taco cart.

Taco cart on ninos heros around the corner from hong kong has some of the greatest tacos on earth.

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I hope you fuckin drown next time you’re swimshitting

We need to do an OG Hong Kong meat up.

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