On weight gain program...

Hey, I'm just beginning this intensive weight gain program called "Gaining Mass," created by this Anthony Ellis guy. Anyway, in it they stress eating massive amounts of protein each day, taking creatine and other supplements, and unfortunately, cutting out ALL cardio work (including martial arts) which could have negative effects on the weight/strength progress. I was wondering if any other practicing martial artists/boxers/wrestlers has tried a strength program to add muscle, and if so, did all the extra workout sessions hinder your progress? I go to 5 two-three hour MA sessions a week, and lift Mon., Wed., and Fri. Can I do all this and still expect to put on weight, or do I HAVE to cut out the cardio?

"Lastly, when lifting for mass, only do bench, squat and deadlifts"

Why? There are other productive exercises. Chin ups, dips, rows . . . that's just silly.


How long have you been training? Are you a beginner lifter or have you been lifting for a while?

That could possibly help us to better answer your question.


Hey guys, thanks for the responses.

"Just curious...how much weight do you want to gain?"

Right now I'm 5'11, 140 pounds, and my goal weight is at least 160. This program follows 26 weeks of dieting/training.

"How long have you been training? Are you a beginner lifter or have you been lifting for a while?"

I'm 18 right now, and have been following various programs since I was 13. I've gotten very lean and my body fat is under 8 percent, but I've only gained about 5 pounds in the past year. I'm pretty sure the problem has been that I don't eat more calories than I burn. So if this program suggests eating 3,000 calories a day for guys who only lift 3 times a week, how much should I add to my program if I'm training 5 additional times a week?

I actually gained 8 lbs. of lean mass just eating lots of meat (red meat in particular), hill sprints, and high-velocity circuit training. And I was still taking savate, bjj, jkd, etc.

I found it very hard to gain while while runnning, but
I did my boxing workouts 3x per week along with
my weight training and I made gains back when I
was a kid. I kept my weight training very
condensed and stuck to things like squats, bench
press, shoulder press, dips, rowing, and the like
(not all in one workout naturally). I personally
found that about one hour was all I could train with
weights and still make gains. Eat six small meals
a day, drink plenty of protein drinks, and get alot of


I think that the Anti-Bodybuilders Hypertrophy workout would be a good place to begin. You can find it on T-Mag.com.

Give it a try and like other people have said, Eat More!


Even if you're eating a lot, you probably need to eat more, get more cals. For example, I figured out recently that I need upward to 4500 cals/day to gain weight when I'm doing lots of cardio.


Definitely focus on a basic program such as 5x5 and still to mass building exercises such as: deadlifts, dips, chins, Military Presses, Squats, bench presses etc.

Add some healthy fats to your diet such as: Coconut oil, flaxseed oil, almond butter, peanut butter etc.

Mike Mahler