? on working out of the corner

When you are getting punded in the corner or you get cought and stuck in the corner whats the best way to work out of it

There is no single best way, aside from not getting the ring cut off on you. Worst case you can always smother a punch, clinch and walk to the center of the ring.

clinch and spin seems best to me, but it really depends on too many different things to say. if you're quick, ducking under a hook and moving works well

thanks guys any others

Practice pivoting out of the corner.

Clinching & grabbing the hips to spin them also works well (but this is illegal) Pernell Whittaker was very good at this.

Try to avoid being cut off and getting there in the first place, if he tries to cut you off and your back goes to the ropes train yourself to react like the ropes are "hot" and slide immediately off of them. (Watch for hooks as you are sliding)

One way to do it:

If you can take a slight step forward (time it) and put your right shoulder to his right shoulder you can spin to the your left quite easily. If you do the reverse you can can spin out the other way. Don't lean forward as you do this. Simply take a step and tuck your chin behind the shoulder. You can put one hand on his elbow to cover you escape.