Once again, Jump Kick, master LIAR

Once again, Jump Kick proves to be a master LIAR and fact manipulator

"Ross complains about safety regulations of certain shows and then enters his fighters into shows that waive the medical clearance requirement, IE his fighters did not have get checked out by doctors!"

First, the above statement is a complete twist of the truth. There is a substantial difference between requiring a medical screening (ie brain scan, blood tests, ekg, etc) and being "checked out by doctors"

FACT in the state of NJ (or NY for that matter) amateurs in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai do NOT have any medical screening requirement. Never had, never likely will.

However, at all USKBA events, competitors are checked out by a doctor during the weigh in.

NJ requires only PRO's fighting under PRO RULES to get a medical screening. I challenge Jump Kick to defend his LIE. State what event and what NY San Da fighter fought professional, under professional rules, yet was neither screened nor "checked by a doctor".

He can't...

The NJACB does not require a medical screening for amateurs because they do not fight with the same rules. There are fundamental differences in the rules for amateurs which greatly reduce the risk of injury for the amatuers

Here's another fact, this FALSE claim, that the amatuers are not safe, and that a doctor doesn't check them is being spread by a non USKBA promoter who is scared of the competition...

So, if you support Jump Kick, you are supporting the forces that are trying to make amateur MMA illegal in NJ...

Are you for banning amateur MMA? If so, jump on the Jump Kick band wagon

Shame on you Jump Kick... again

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Did you or did you not see that I created a thread specifically for this type of post? In case you missed the point, the entire purpose of the other thread was specifically for you guys to argue to your hearts content and stop polluting our board with inflammatory threads and hi-jacking other peoples threads.

If you have something to say to Jump Kick, please refer to the "NYC Promoter Death-Match" thread.

Jump Kick....

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