" ONCE I WAS A CHAMPION " The Evan Tanner Story


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My big and only issue is the way they pushed his death being related to alcohol. His tox results were.08 which could be inconclusive due to the 3 days time passed between his death and when they actually found him. If you have clear proof that he was drinking out there or facts, then share that info. The documentary was pretty direct about his struggles with drinking before then.

Other than that, I thought this was really well done.

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Yeah I understand , He was living in a house i bought many moons ago so we had rapport

Just enjoy the doc I posted


So can we finally ask the question? Did Evan Tanner commit suicide?

Sad either way, he seemed like a great guy and a true warrior.


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He was such a beautiful man. It is a shame he had to go. Rest in peace Evan Tanner. I will miss you.


I forgot how bad that ref fucked Baroni in that fight. Of course, being an immense Tanner fan I wanted Tanner to win, so I’m sure I didn’t see it that way at the time!

Regardless, what a display of physical and mental strength. Miss that dude


Holla @Hong_Kong_Phooey

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Wait a second…08 is considered drunk in California.Was it .008?

Evan’s biggest problem was booze.

Got drunk and tossed Big John’s wife.