One-arm Nage No Kata

Here are the first three parts of Nage No Kata that I performed in front of some judges in March 2013. My partner did a great job helping me pull this off.

Very impressive Aaron, congrats on your Shodan. I have to do a rewatch on your throws to left to see how you improvise not being able to grab the left sleeve. I said to my self in anticipation how does he do uchimata to the left side but the video stopped just short of the throw.

Awesome, and congratulations on your shodan.

Edit. I also shared your video on our Facebook page. Hope you get some more views from it.


Thanks for the support guys. Initially I didn't think I could do the first three sets on both sides, but we managed to pull it off. For most of the throws I used the standard grip, minus the other hand. In uchimata to the left I slid the hand up the collar to get head control. The throw that was most difficult at first was right sided kata garuma, but as you can tell my uke did an excellent job planking. On a lot of the left sided throws he also kept holding my lapel so once he was thrown I could switch my grip and grab his wrist to maintain control. It also helped soften his fall.