One Career to Watch

If you had one pro wrestlers career to watch, where you could watch all his vignettes, promos, matches etc...

Who would you choose?

If I pick Flair do I get to watch the after parties as well? Phone Post

No, I still think Flair is the best pick here though

Jake Roberts.

 I've seen an unhealthy amount of Flair footage, but would still watch his work over anyone else. I'd be really surprised if I haven't seen everything he's done starting from 1980 up to his exit from the WWE. Aside from like extremely rare footage private collectors have or random fan cams from various house shows.

Macho Man Randy Savage. Phone Post


The Rock, HBK, Scott Hall, Bret Hart or Chris Jericho. Phone Post


RVD, Rock, Jericho, HBK

Jushin "Thunder" Liger Phone Post


Kurt Angle before he went all sexual predator on Booker T's wife. Shit got weird after that Phone Post


For nostalgia sake the Road Warriors. I watched them all the tinme growing up.

Other than that, Kurt Angle or the Rock.

HBK and Austin would be excellent choices also.

Flair, Austin, HBK.


Those three were probably the overall best when it came to being able to put together the whole package.

If I had to pick one, I guess it would be Flair.

I cannot believe people want to sit through hours of that guy babbling like a moron. flair is the MOST overrated performer ever.

The Rock, Kurt Angle or Jake The Snake Roberts

Helms, ziggler and austin. Im into laughable character changes. Phone Post