ONE Championship 29 results & discussion

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                                ONE Championship 29 results & discussion

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                    <p>ONE Championship 28 takes place on Saturday, July 18th in Yangon, Myanmar and features a bantamweight title fight between Bibiano Fernandes and Toni Taura.</p>

Main Card (Live Online PPV, 7:00 AM ET)

-Bibiano Fernandes vs. Toni Tauru
-Jenny Huang vs. Elena Pashnina
-Min Htet Zaw vs. Myo Man Thit
-Hlit Hlit Lay vs. Tha Pyay Nyo
-Phoe Thaw vs. Kyal Sin Htoo
-Dawna Aung vs. Saw Ba Oo
-Thway Thit Aung vs. Saw Thae Oo
-Saw L Lay  vs. Saw Hla Doe

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I get that running a show in Myanmar isn't particularly easy (nor for that matter, is it particularly understandable).

I also get that having local fighters helps sell a show, even if they're filler with little experience, and MMA is in the embryonic stage in Myanmar.

However, the first six fight of an eight fight card consist of 12 Burmese fighters without single documented pro fight between them (or possibly even any amateur fights). The semi-main is a Women's AW or Women's SW fight between two women with a combined 1-1 record. Then the headliner is fucking Bibiano Fernandes against a dangerous Finnish prospect with 10 straight wins.

I don't even get the point of this card. It's like a seven-fight amateur smoker card followed by a fight with the sort of talent you might expect on the main card of a UFC PPV.

There's no shame in OneFC (I'm not ready to call it One Championship, sorry) using some local filler for prelims, but this is just baffling.

Local prelim fighters are not even "real" MMA fighters I believe. They're fighters for sure but Lethwei (burmese kickboxing) fighters.

There's no PPV stream tonight due to Myanmar's limited internet capacity. If someone has link to "unofficial" stream of some Asian TV broadcast, please share.

Try Phone Post 3.0

What time does the event actually start? I know it says 7 but is that live? I want to catch the bibiano fight... Phone Post 3.0