One choice

Easily Courage. Let’s get fucking weird.


Snoopy is my choice.
Dancing, and air battles with The WWII Flying Ace.

Clifford would have giant shits to clean up.
Would need a bulldozer.

Brian is funny, but he is horribly sexually deviant – and the humans who hook up with him even worse.
Don’t need that bullshit around.

Scooby is cool, but I get the feeling he would run me ragged.
I like to chill and BBQ by the pool. I think Scooby would be down with that for a while – but eventually he’d have me running around.
Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Droopy just appears and disappears whenever he wants to. No good for private time with my wife.

Courage would be fun for a little bit.
But he might get my house haunted or invaded by aliens. I don’t have time for that craziness.

Goofy would by like an acid trip.
Can’t even imagine the conversations.
Too weird.

Snoopy is cool as they come, and low drama.
I’ll take Snoopy.

Thats a pricey decision.

Maybe if you were some kind of ridiculously rich nobleman with a giant mansion on miles of fenced off private property.

Still… how far away would he have to go to shit every day.

Where’s your vision? Living with Clifford would be pure profit! You could sell his GIANT sized dumps to tourists… just watch as the rubes pay you to pick up shit!

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I mean if that’s your angle you could do the same with Scooby, Goofy or Brian…talking dogs would bring in the tourists after all.

And with much smaller poops. Hell Goofy and Brian know how to use a toilet.

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jurassic park deal with it GIF

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And literally the next scene…

She couldn’t help herself. She needed it… and yes, should would have happily paid for it!

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