One daily exercise that would yield greatest results in 30 days?

So I keep seeing these posts on social media about doing 1776 push ups/burpees/sit-ups/squats in July or whatever and it got me to thinking what exercise if done daily for a month would yield the greatest results.

I’m guessing it’s gotta be push-ups or burpees, no?

My reasoning is this; sit-ups or crunches wouldn’t really do much for the average person outside of strengthening their core which in and of itself is a great benefit but it’s not like they are gonna produce abs in a month.

Squats I’m thinking would get your heart rate up and probably give some definition in your legs, but again I don’t think there would be much change for the average person.

Push-ups I’m thinking you’d definitely see some increased definition in your chest cause even dudes with severe man-tits wouldn’t tighten up a bit.

Burpees would probably yield the greatest change for your body as it’s a full body workout with cardio mixed in. The average person doing 60 burpees a day I would assume would not only lose weight but would probably get some definition in their arms/tris, no?

So, OG, what say you? Is there an exercise I left out (I think pull-ups are definitely out as there is no way the average person is cranking out 60 pull-ups a day). Am I correct about push-ups or burpees?

Greatest change for average joes will be through fat loss so probably burpees.

You see those military guys that do a lot of pushups they don’t look very impressive as far as upper body muscle goes.


I would think it would have to involve your legs working so I say burpees but jump as high as you can on that part of it. A good exercise is to jump as high as you can in place for 1 minute, I’d combine that with the burpees

For pure athleticism? Probably Reverse Nordics.



500 navy seals… “count 'em”.


I think climbing walls. I’m going to join the near by climbing gym in the winter. Walking/jogging up a 13% grade gets me in shape pretty quickly. I did it for 28 of 30 days once and I was in great shape at the end. I am pretty lucky to have one of the best hills near by. I imagine rowing a boat or kayak around a lake every mourning would be good too.

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Probably a compound lift. There are guys who squat every day believe it or not. No serious program ever gauges athleticism based off of calisthenics.

If you can do burpees under a pull up bar and integrate that then you are hitting every major group.

Or rowing followed by push-ups.

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Burpees are awesome and I’d say they would be the single best thing you could do for overall fitness.

Even better is doing sets of burpees, crunches, squats, lunges, mountain climbers, high knees, pushups etc…back to back to back with then like a one to two minute rest between the sets of everything back to back. Do that for 20-40 minutes, 4-6 times a week.

If you are just getting off the couch again…that can change your body comp and fitness a lot more than people think you can while not even going to a gym, hitting the roadwork or buying any new home equipment.

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To get big and strong fast:

Do 6 sets ONLY but lift heavy…

Do a warm up and then 6 sets:

Monday - dead lift
Tuesday - bench press
Wednesday - squats
Thursday - bent or tbar row
Friday - clean and jerk or military press

I did this with heavy dumbbells and got strong fast. I might do this again soon

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Kettlebell swings is the correct answer

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Get a job as a stower at an amazon delivery station… you’ll bend, squat, lift and lunge hundreds of times per 10 hour shift… most quit their first week from sheer muscle soreness.

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Climbing won’t yield any discernible results. It helps with overall strength, especially for grip, forearms and back. It will help with overall flexibility as well, but it’s shit for weight loss or increasing other strength.

I support climbing though, it works really well in tandem with bjj. The balance and body awareness between the two is surprisingly complimentary.


One thing I’ve noticed. If you don’t workout for three months in your 20’s its no big deal but man… when you don’t workout for three months in your early 40’s… you are fucked! Its a whole different ballgame.


jumping rope. need something that will jumpstart the metabolism


yup. i still have not been able to get back to pre lockdown levels.

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The exercise of self control.


Bjj. Not a pussy Gracie place tho, somewhere tough with a real warmup. I used to do circuit training in the military, I thought that was rough until I did my first warmup at alliance, I thought they were hazing me, nope , that’s what it was like every time, it was fucken insane.

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