one day

in the future, i hope to get to black belt. If my club is a usja or ji club, how do i go about getting certified by the Kodokan also?

I heard the USJA has a lot harder time than the USJF in getting its blackbelts recognized by the Kodokan.

re MichaelNeal:

Probably no problem to certify shodans. Although I think there are some rules (time in rank etc.) for higher dans that are more strict at the USJF and Kodokan.


grambo what kyu are you these days? How long have been training?

Thanks for the help fellas. Oouchi, i was recently promoted to 4th kyu, been training for about 10 months

Cool. Thanks. Hope you do one day get your shodan.

Thanks bro.

To be "certified" by the Kodokan, you will need to do it through the Kodokan Committee here in the USA. Yoni Yuneska is chairman.

Ben Reinhardt

oic, cool he's close then. Thanks for the info.