One fight to show

I need one fight to draw some mates into MMA.

I have been talking up how exciting MMA is to watch with my group of mates. They are sick to death of me talking about it all the time and to be honest my recounts of the excitement is not the same as seeing it for yourself. 

So in the next couple of weeks I am going to get them over and show them a fight. I think I will only get one shot at hooking them into the sport. If I choose wrong then they may not look at it again.

Which one?

Doesn't matter how old, just one that will blow them away.

The ones that caught my own attention through the years and drew me into the sport more and more were any Frye's fights, Fedor's, Wand vs Vitor (will give the wrong impression), Rich Franklyns are always good. Bonnar vs Forrest (although I think as a fist this woud not hit home), Silva vs Forrest, GSP

But the one I am leaning towards for the night is the Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg 2.

Not sure. Suggestions?


Diaz/Gomi's pretty wicked.

Probably my all-timer.





Hellboy vs Azeredo

 jose aldo highlight

Sorry to post again, but on second thought Alvarez/Kawajiri is probably the best way to go.

Stephens Vs. Sotiropoulos

Gomi/Azeredo 1

Shogun/Lil Nog

Wanderlei/Rampage 2

Keith Hackney/Joe Son

If they are new to it, show them a nice quick ko, then show them a slugfest like bonnar vs griffin, then show them an amazing well rounded fight like Lil Nog vs Shogun