One Good Thing About the Strikeforce Product

 Is that the promoter isn't constantly putting themselves front and center and making the show about them.  They let the fighters be the stars.

I don't think I saw Scott Coker on TV last night once.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't even think they showed him.  And when they did an interview, they interviewed Ward and Shields, two fighters.

I'm so used to seeing Dana, Atencio, Gary Shaw, and Mark Pavelich all over my TV that it's become noteworthy when the promoter isn't trying to jump in the shot and run in the ring.  Kudos to Strikeforce for letting the show be about the fighters, not themselves.

How much did we see Calvin Ayre during the Bodog days? Seemd like he was all over their commercials. I agree that it's nice to not see the promoter during the fights.

Didn't they interview some boxer?

 Dana created nothing but boxercise videos. It's good that the fighting promotion isn't about the promoters. Fights and fighters are what we want to see, not promoters, whether they be Don King, Frank Warren or Dana White.

Dana's made his mark, his name is known. We would be better concentrating on the actions of fighters instead of the antics of self-publicists.

Really enjoyed the show.

Then again, I really enjoyed the EliteXC where Kimbo lost, so what the hell do I know?

Chuck Kongo - He really hasn't done much of anything of great(or even small) importance in this sport so he should sulk in the shadows where he belongs.

All he's done is try and hop on the mma frate train that Dana created so he has NOTHING to pat himself on the back for.

 STFU. Coker was making involved in martial arts and promoting before BLAF started losing his hair.

Coker has been involded in promotion and martial arts for 25 fucking years dipshit.

IIRC he was working for K-1 back in the 90's so stop acting like Dana invented this shit..

Really, how much money did you lose on betting on Leben vs Anderson Silva?

Is Coker Vietnamese?

Also, agreed on Coker not trying to be a Shaw/Dana/Vince

 I rarely see Dana on UFC ppvs or Fight Nights. Occasionally when he is announcing some "big news".

Dana onscreen or not, at least we get more than 20 minutes of fights on a UFC show.

PJ Benn Fan - Really, how much money did you lose on betting on Leben vs Anderson Silva?


 Well I never said every fighter is a great interview, what I mean is the sport is about the ATHLETES, not the executives. 

Dan Henderson and Mousasi strike me as two pretty bad examples though.  Mousasi had some GREAT interviews leading up to the fight, and he's a pretty fascinating guy, I'll listen to him anytime.  And Dan Henderson's post fight interview he said that he hoped the last punch "shut Bisping up" which caused buzz for weeks here and other places.

The show should be about the fighters, not the promoters.  Having a promoter running around swearing, harrassing the female talent, and showing off how rich he is, or otherwise makng the show about himself, is for pro wrestling, not legitimate sporting competition.  Sports are about the athletes.