One Hour Terere Seminar at BJJLIBRARY.COM

BJJLIBRARY.COM just released a one hour seminar with the great Terere. This video shows Terere teaching his favorite takedown, the Safada takedown, that he used against opponents much larger than him such as Pe de Pano and Roger Gracie in the 2008 Mundial Absolutes

Terere Seminar Volume 1:

  1. Classic Butterfly Hook Sweep
  2. Classic Butterfly Sweep when Opponent Postures Back
  3. Butterfly Switchback Sweep
  4. Baiting Esgrima for Classic Butterfly Sweep
  5. Deep De la Riva Rollover Sweep
  6. De la Riva Tomoe Nage Sweep
  7. Spider Guard Wing Sweep Variation
  8. Spider Guard Scissor Sweep
  9. Buttflop Pass
  10. Triangle from Side Control (triangle that Terere caught Marcelo Garcia with)
  11. Bow & Arrow or Lapel Choke from Seatbelt Control
  12. Safada Takedown


Check out the BJJ Library if you like the video! We have seminars from Leandro Lo, Terere, Rodrigo Pagani, daily instruction from Saulo and Xande Ribiero, the Jiu Jitsu University in Video, and will be adding more seminars as well as access to live webinars with Saulo and Xande on a monthly basis.

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