One knee down...

Should be the only deciding factor for if a fighter is down or not in MMA. Hands and fingers should have no say!

I agree


Why is that? If only one knee is down, you can defend strikes. With both hands down, you can't.


They don't wanna take a knee or get there back taken so they play patty cake

Agreed, I just don't see how this is even up for debate. If your on 2 fuckin feet, you're not fuckin grounded. For fuck fuckin sakes. 

I think grounded should be both hands down with at least one knee. Anything else and you should already be on your way back up.

Intentional grounding deserves punishment. How Moose lifted Chris up to land those knees was brilliant.

Since moose had to lift Chris's hands from the mat before landing the knees, it would seem like Chris either wasn't trying to, or wasn't able to take action.

Moose won.

100% agree