One-L by Turrow

I'm a law student in Australia but picked up "One-L"
by Turrow out of interest. Would you guys say it's
an accurate account (albeit from one person's
point-of-view only) of law school in the US?

Sounds like there is a tremendous amount of
pressure particularly in Ivy League universities over
there. I am not picking up the same level of furious
competition and pressure even in the best law
schools in the best universities in Australia. Of
course there are those who place themselves at
that level of performance in their academic studies
but they are more of a minority than a majority.

Would you guys know if there is the same level of
pressure and competition in med schools in the
US as well?

I haven't read One-L.

I can't speak for medical schools.

I didn't go to Harvard Law School, but my cousin did. He said that his experience was not very much like that at all. I did read One-L before my first year, and in retrospect, I rather wish I hadn't, as it made me more uneasy than I otherwise would have been.

I did not go to Harvard, but my experience was very similar to One-L. I read the book in my second year of law school and it closely met with my experiences.

mike yelsik - so how did you go .. did you get on law review 'n
all that?

gakami, sorry I did not reply earlier, I had a busy couple of days. I did not even try for the bar review as my writing skills are not my strongest asset. My writing is good, but I worked full time and trained 2-3 days a week while in Law School. I also commuted for the last year and a half (about 1.5 hours each way).