One last fight: you pick.

The last fight you could ever watch.

Who are the fighters and why?

(you can pick 2 fights from different eras, weight classes, fighting styles)

(You could even pick the way it ends) Phone Post

BJ Penn vs. pre-Anderson Sakurai

Anderson Silva vs prime Fedor. Phone Post

Anderson Silva VS Jon Jones. Phone Post

prime Al vs prime Wanderlei

226 pound OWGP prime Wanderlei vs Anderson in a open weight fight with no drug testing and old school NHB rules.

Mike Tyson (19yrold) v chocolate al (2005)

Mma rules/gloves Phone Post

Steps -  Anderson Silva VS Jon Jones. Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

Rickson-Ruas in their prime


wand vs Igor V Phone Post

Abraham Lincoln vs 'Magic' Johnson.

Prime Penn vs Phone Post

Edit: prime Penn vs nick Diaz Phone Post

Infamous Ed -  Prime

wand vs Igor V Phone Post


BJ Penn vs. Jim Miller.

Prime Chocolate Al vs. Jon Jones. Phone Post

Not dead Bruce Lee vs. prime Seagal in a Roman coliseum

Silva vs jones

Hopefully in 2012 homie ;) Phone Post

Fedor back in action against Jon Jones when he drops down to LHW to make a run for the UFC title in 2012!

Jake Shields vs. Jon Fitch. Hell, if it's going to be the last MMA fight I ever get to watch I want it to be a shitty one so I can go about the rest of my life thinking I'm not missing anything