One last GI or NO GI POLL!!!!!!!!!


No gi 1, gi 0.

He's wearing a GI!!!

gi (put some clothes on son)

why is this the last one.  every week a kkm will come on here with the question and a 5 page debate will take place where neither side will accept the others argument.

moon suit

i thought they banned the moonsuit after neil aldrins performance at last years abu dhabi?


silly question.

bjj comp- gi

sub grappling/mma- no gi

grecco- no gi

judo- gi

why the f&ck is this a question in anyones mind?


I prefer socks, a headband and wristbands only.

haz-mat suit

gi 2x
no-gi 1x

equals all around jiu-jits

that is the math problem...


No Gi... not everyone in the training group has one and the guy on the street probably won't either.

no gi 5, gi 5.

Has this ever be discussed before? lol


Um, both? From a practical standpoint, I might end up fighting people in the summer (less clothes - similar to no gi) or in the winter (lots of clothes - similar to gi). I would like to have the tools to be able to make the best of both situations.