One lucky guy.

Pet shop employee bitten by cobraAn African cobra capable of projecting its venom 10 feet sank its fangs into the finger of a 26-year-old local pet store employee Friday, an accident that tapped a little-known store of antivenin at the Houston Zoo. The nonfatal incident was the third bite delivered by a poisonous snake this year in Harris County, which, other than the city of Houston, has no prohibitions against selling, breeding or keeping dangerous reptiles, according to local experts and Animal Control. The other two bites were inflicted by snakes in the wild. By DINA CAPPIELLOCopyright 2003 Houston ChronicleEnvironment Writercomplete article

Hots are fun to look at but thats about it. I would never own one and dont see how amatuers do or why they would want to.

Spitters are scary, you can be far enough away to not get bitten and still get nailed.Hots imo should only be for the very experienced.I too like to look at em, but no way would i own one.