one more question about pvp, honor and so forth

Thanks guys again.

So Im looking at some of the stuff you can get as rewards and one item in particular stood out. A new weapon.

I need to do arena stuff Im assuming. How many would I have to do for this? Where do I go about entering an arena? and should I first get full gladiator armour before entering an arena?

Thanks ahead of time. I am a newb at this, but hell, I admit it.

for arena?

 Not sure about efficiency, guess that's up to you. I'd probably take the stun or the imp mark to help FF.

probably want imp revive pet, don't really need thick hide, drop spirit bond, and i'd probably trade catlike reflexes for imp mend pet.

Don't take my word for it though, my arena ratings suck dirty bunghole. Check out some of the builds on

I didnt end up using that. right after I played around some more and found this.

I like thick hide just for pve purposes to. respecing costs to fucking much money.