One more round? Need UG help

Well thanks to the UG I won round 2 of the BJ Penn shadowboxing contest by 400 votes, unfortunatly they decided to have a 3rd round. I am going to to have to ask again (trying not to make it sound desperate)

Help me go to Hilo to train with BJ, please go view the top 5 video and give me a vote (LegndnmyHD) below is the link to vote for me, (if a blue namer can link this it is much appriciated)

Thank again, and trust me the blog and photo of me taking a beating for 2 weeks will be well worth your vote!!


I voted for you. Looks like the UG is taking this contest by storm.


Def a blog and many many photo's. Basically I am going to get my ass kicked for 2 weeks with a few moments of glory if i get lucky.

I am going nuts checking the site every minute...this is driving me nuts..

Keep voting by storm UG...You can see the results..I am currently winning!!

I am now losing by a little...


Thx for the link...

now its easy..just click the link and you voted for me!!

dude, i cant watch your video, it wont load for me is there a youtube link??

Go the and watch the main video its got the highlight on there, I will try and put it on Youtube shortly. If you log into you can see all of the videos.

I forgot, its posted here in the middle of the page..give it a look,

I am down again...looks like there is something fishy going on with the votes, I just seen a guy go up by 50 in the matter of seconds 2 times then the went down.

Not sure what going to happen, but if you havent voted yet please do so just in case.

C'mon Underground, lets give one of our own a chance of a lifetime!!!

Can a mod maybe edit the thread title to give a better shot, i'm sure most people think its about the lame clothing line!!!!


never thought about that when I put the title up there...crap..Thx for the support..I am in a very very close 3rd right now.

Now I am time I make a thread its going to be titled "Click here for Boobs"

"Now I am time I make a thread its going to be titled "Click here for Boobs""

Hell man, make a new thread!! Nobody is going to give a shit. I can almost guarantee if the UG votes, you'll win. Post on the OG too!!

ttt for this gentleman to make it to Hilo

You were right punteam, the click for Boobs thread got alot more views. Not enough people clicking to put me over the top but it was worth a try.

Thanks for the suggest.