one more win

man this week doesn't get any more big for pittsburgh

first off the RATBIRDS are coming into town, that alone makes it a big game!

the ratbirds are the only team to beat them this year so revenge is at hand, that only adds to the importance of this game!

If they win they clinch homefield through out the playoffs! just yet one more reason to come up big!

and to top it off they could end up being the game that knocks the RATBIRDS OUT of the playoffs!!!!!


expect to see plex, and duce playing in this game!!

Cowher said that he was not going to hold anyone out of this game just to rest them. I take that to mean Plax will play. I am looking forward to seeing Dan Kreider leave his footprints up the front and down the back of Ray Lewis' jersey.


Pretjah u speak too much DAMN TRUTH BRO and i cudnt have said it better my damn self!!!

yeah i think Cowher is letting ALLL his weapons loose for this game ONLY cuz its a personal game for all the Steelers.... even worse is cuz they the only one team we lost against so BRING ON THE WMD BABBBYYYY!!!

Bell , Duce, Plex, HELL why not bring in VErron Hayes (34)and Willie Parker (39) to SERIOUSLY ANNILATE (?)the RRavens defense LOL just run the ball all damn day LOL!!!


As a Jaguars fan, I hope your Steelers destroy the Ravens, as they're the only team I think that can keep the Jags from getting the wild card.

I think it's safe to say that Pittsburg will get homefield. Congrats. Best regular season team in the NFL this year easily. It'll be interesting to see how the Colts and Pats fair in the playoffs. The Pats need to sure up their secondary bad.

yeah i would love to see the jets or chargers knock off one or both of them

so basically it looks like it will be

pittsburgh -bye

new england - bye

colts - bills

chargers - jets

the perfect scenario would be

bills beat colts

jets beat chargers

jets beat pats

steelers beat bills

steelers beat jets

steelers beat panthers!

Honestly if Ty Law is healthy for the playoffs, there is not chance on God's green Earth that the Jets beat the Pats. The only teams with a shot is Indy and Pitt. At this point, Indy is the bigger threat because of the tore up secondary.

heck realistically i don't think the jets will beat the chargers but i can dream right!

that was just my dream scenario i realistically think it will be

colts beat bills

chargers beat jets

steelers beat chargers

colts beat pats

steelers beat colts

steelers beat carolina