One of a few

items I Have


Awesome poster,I'll give you $

Hey TJ, down boy... stop drooling on your rug man...FP

Mark Keer? I just noticed that.

still got the battlecade 3 poster and the ivc stored away


Nice, I've never had that one, love the misprint..

Anybody got one of these???...FP

Rebecca had that postcard.

thanks ricks!

I am interested in buying your collectables if any of you have some for sale.

gem city-anything particulr you looking for or a certain fighter?

I would really like some early UFC posters some Oleg Takarov& Tank, really just anything interesting.



AGJ- I am interested in some of your passes, I noticed on a couple of other threads where you had up pics. Email with price and pic if you can. Thanks!

Hey Gem... you have a better chance at wearing a black tapout shirt buddy than buyin passes from AGJ...