One of Chuck Liddell's "Students"??

So there is this video of a guy claiming to be an ex-UFC fighter and student of Chuck Liddell laying hands on two young guys in their early 20s.

The crazy part is that the guy is beating them one-handed. That's right, he is filming the beatdown with one hand and laying the smackdown with the other. He repeatedly "reps" the UFC and 212. There is a 30 second part w/no action, just fast forward.

Best quotes of video

"Chuck Liddell's my trainer, you can call him."
"Yo, I'm about to punch yall in the face."
"I fight UFC. I will kill all eight of you."
"Let me see your nose. Oh, smashed?"
"Come get some bitch, you're leakin."

Can anyone recognize this guy's voice?

A little behind no? This threads going on as we speak. "Guy beats up 2 dudes while filming" or something like that. Some pretty incriminating shit going down too. Phone Post

I had no idea. sorry for repost! I just saw it.

No worries, figured id politely explain it before someone screamed about it lol Phone Post

Nice I never new what it was about but think ill watch it now. Just from the quotes he sounds like a badass nutjob lol Phone Post