One of my all time favorites!

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I still get a little sad when I think of what a rip off that man recieved in life! :(

he was a HUGE part of the MMA/Puroresu angle that was huge in Japan in the beginning of the decade


ttt for Brian Johnston. Dude fought like a human pitbull. Always exciting to watch!

Good to see a vid of "the fury"! good fighter, good man, best wishes to him and his family!!

Got to hang out with him in his dressingroom before one of his strikeforce fights. Dude was 100% class and the model of what a fighter should be.

Wow was I misinformed! I could have sworn I remember reading about him dying of that stroke in 2001. It great to know that he in fact did not and is doing better. Thoughts and prayers to him and his.