One of my favorite moments of the Monday Night War

Me (age 15)- "Ohhhh shit....he's really gonna do it.  I can't believe it"

DDP and Hall shake hands



Nash almost kills some kids with that table. Good stuff from a great time for wrestling.

^ Heh, yeah he did.

Nothing was quite like watching it live, for the first time, though.

DDP was one of the underrated stars of the late 90s.

He came into the WWF hot as hell, too, but they instantly pulled the rug out from under him.

Hey, Fryabusa's back.

Nice vid clip.

While only loosely related, one of my favorite moments of this time was Jerhico's debut on Raw & the mic time that him and The Rock shared.

Hey why No DDP in TNA?

DDP is busy promoting his "Yoga for Regular Guys" (YRG) products and (IIRC) doing motivational speaking engagements.

As an aside - I've got YRG. I don't recommend others S&C products too much, but YRG is pretty good. I'd promote it if I could.

 DDP was so over in 1998.

Considering he started his career as a manager, it would only make sense for him to become a manager again. It would help out guys who dont have mic skills and could more logically set up feuds/storylines. I dont think DDP has any business being back in the ring on a regular basis though.

The best "DDP" moment was Positively Kanyon.

Kanyon going around randomly Diamond Cutting people with his goofy blonde wig.

They showed the ring crew setting up the ring for Thunder from the hard camera. Kanyon comes out, randomly Diamond Cuts some ring crew member. Runs out of the shot. Then pops up in front of the camera 30 seconds later and does the "BANG!"

Funniest thing WCW ever did period.

 ^that was classic

I remember when DDP was just a manager in World Class. He earned his way.

Cena has earned my respect also. Sure, I'm pure "Old skool" or "pre-Hogan" era. But Cena works hard and is one of the strongest wrestlers eva.

Only good thing about DDP was Kimberly.

i remeber ddp managing scott hall before he bacame Razor Ramon. He was from the diamond mine or some shit. and Kevin Nash was OZ and he had the silver hair.

Wasnt there an angle where ddp was homeless, washing windows like a bum?

Other than Goldberg, DDP is the wrestler that I most enjoyed meeting. I had no idea he teaches yoga; I'll have to check that out.