One of the best parts of a live UFC!!!!!!!

This is one of the best parts of going to a UFC live. The place goes absolutely crazy!!!!!

Can't see shit captain!


 sorry fixed now

 I love how it's constantly evolving...adding new knockouts... but can you believe this...they did not play it @ UFC 100!

Enjoy it while it lasts. They should show that on the PPVs instead of that gay ass gladiator shit.


Way better than the gladiator intro.

 I agree 100%. If they showed this instead of the Gladiator intro. This gets the crowd pumped up!



The UFC product is getting better and better every day, hopefully production continues to improve

 The real test will be when/if they get on network t.v. if it goes down or up. It will have to be altered I think but the question is what sacrafices will the UFC make in order to get on network t.v.