One of the best X-Files episodes

Superb acting by Brad Dourif

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That actor put on a fucking master class clinic of acting. He could have pulled of ANY character in any x-file episode but nobody could have played his part the way he did.

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I don’t remember that episode at all. But then it was a long time ago and I only watched the series once with the exception of a handful of episodes where I rewatched a couple of times.

Koo Koo…

Brad Dourif is an awesome actor. He is the actor who plays Charles Lee Ray, the killer who goes into the Good Guy Doll from Childs Play and the voice of Chucky. He was also excellent in Stephen Kings “Graveyard Shift”, and many others.


I don’t remember Scully being such a tubs back then.

The scene needed Paulie Walnuts. Bunch of queers. Satanic black magic.

the monster of the week episodes were better than the alien/government conspiracy episodes

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This is the daughter, she was great in this series,

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Didn’t he do the same part for Exorcist 3?

He does a lot of parts similar to this.

Best Xfiles episode was “Home” about the mutant rednecks that had their mom strapped to a wooden board, kept her under a bed and only took her out to hang her.


You know what, this is a show that I’ve never ever watched.

Does it still hold up?

Some of the special effects look a little dated but the stories and show definitely hold up, especially the first 5 seasons or so. The last two seasons (?) were a little meh.

My favorite X-Files episode is Jose Chung’s from Outer Space.

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Hell yeah.

Would be interesting to see what you think.
It’s a show that’s become so ingrained in pop culture I can see first time viewers looking at it now going, “so what? People actually found this interesting in The early 90s?”

We live in a world now where current government conspiracies are weirder than stuff that appeared on that show.
….although it is a little eerie that their reunion season from 2018 was all about a large scale government controlled pandemic about to be released.