One of the Craziest Rounds of MMA I've ever seen

fight starts at 2:39

Hamlet Dryaev VS Tutarauli Rowley


Wow that pop on those punches Phone Post 3.0

Sub for later Phone Post 3.0

ineed that was worth a watch

Crazy is the right word to describe it. Phone Post 3.0

In Soviet Russia, it really shows how much work these guys Putin.

Am I right? Phone Post 3.0

That was a hell of a choke Phone Post 3.0






Wow!! VU the OP for quality video find. Phone Post 3.0

Never seen that particular entry to a single leg before.

Sub Phone Post 3.0

TTT - Great find!

BTW - don't they object to the whole CCCP/USSR thing over there? What's up with that?

I love taxis Phone Post 3.0


Subbed. DamnSevern, the Indiana Jones of the UG. Phone Post 3.0

Title does not lie!

Sub Phone Post 3.0

Double flash KO. Crazy. That one guy never recovered.