One of the greatest Flair moments


I'd say the endless house shows where Flair would wrestle the full hour, then grant 5 more minutes only to lose in them, but not lose the title.

Especially against Barry Windham and Magnum TA

man.. those were the days


What was up with the hour thing?

Back then the time limit on a World Title match was 60 minutes. U.S. was like 30 and T.V. was around 15. World Tag was long too.

I *think* the TV title matches were 10 minutes.

They would do that finish where the champ was pinned at 9mins 58secs and therefore is still the champ.

It was a pretty good concept the first 4,000 times they did it.

Flair to Dr. Death Steve Williams (sometime in '87 after Crockett purchased and disolved the UWF)

"Dr. Death, you're BIG!, you're STRONG and you're MEAN but you're not the NATURE BOY! WOOOOOOOOO!!!

Not to mention the countless "dusty" finishes.

" Never before have I worn a pair of cowboy boots,and never before have I wore a cowboy hat,or a cowboy shirt...But women from around the world...Wooooooooooo

Tell me that I`m...... the All-Around Cowboy" Woooooooo!!!!

Hogan, I dialed your number for 7 years..I got no reply!!! Wooooooooooo

anytime he throws his coat down and drops the elbow on it

His interview before the Royal Rumble when he drew number 3.... more gold.. more recognician... more money... LONGER CARS... more women... IT MEANS EVERYTHING TO THE NATURE BOY to win tonight!!!

lol at longer cars and more women, thats gold!