One of the most impressive/talented people I have ever seen

First of all, I am 40 year old dude. I was never into freestyle rapping, I honestly never gave a shit about it. This is different. This is bigger than the rapping this guy does, his talent is out of control. Basically, he on the spot creates insane raps going off of random words people give him. I caught onto his videos a few weeks ago and the more I see, the more insane this guys gets.

Just listen to the first 3 minutes of this video. If you do not think this is insane talent, I am not sure what to tell you.

Harry Mack


I mean, the guy gives him the word “acoustic” and he starts talking about setting up a studio for proper acoustics and starts incorporating echos into the rap, after being given the word 30 seconds earlier. Just how in the fucking fuck does his brain work to be so fucking smooth. He doesn’t just say the word in his rap, he raps about it, incorporates it, and makes complete fucking bangers out of thin fucking air. I’m over the top impressed with this guy.


Sorry, but I don’t get your enthusiasm. Sure, he’s good at this small niche talent but if he were that good he’d have a record deal. But, enjoy.

Here he is rapping for Ice Cube, and Seth Rogen. The way he finishes by saying he rapped for Ice Cube and it was a good day… So good.

Harry Mack Freestyles For Ice Cube, Seth Rogen On Set Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem - YouTube


Talent has zero to do with not having a record deal, especially in today’s landscape.


He actually talks about it is some of his raps. About not selling yourself out and shit. I think he is killing it in social so doesn’t have a deal. He has been touring the last few years, so he is out doing shit 100%.


Fair point.

That’s cool. I’m just not really a rap guy so take my opinion with a grain of salt. It means fuck all. Lol.

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That’s what I’m saying man, I am not a rap guy either. What is impressive as fuck to me is how is takes these random ass words and makes shit up as he goes. Like, he is like a machine. Its seriously impressive if you pay attention to the words he is given, and how he integrates them into his raps. I don’t know how he thinks that fast. His talent transcends rap. Its nuts.

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Gotcha. I see where you’re coming from. That is damn impressive in its own right.


There’s a British comedian who does this at his stand-up shows. He asks the crowd to yell out random things & goes right into it. He’s just as talented with as the guy in OP with what he comes up with, and how fast he’s processing it. Something about being a nerdy Brit makes it more funny, and he does it live in front of a bunch of people.


I’ll watch this later. Harry Mack also does his flowing in crowds. He has an entire series called Guerilla Bars where he just goes out in public and is basically a walking concert. He walks up to random crowds and starts freestyling and killing it and eventually there are massive crowds around him. I haven’t even watched this one yet and I am sure it’s fire.

Across The Pond | Harry Mack Guerrilla Bars 28 London - YouTube

I’ll watch your guy in a bit.

I like how he brings visuals in his freestyles!


I’ve seen schizophrenics start rhyming all their words, I wonder if the same thing is going on in his brain.

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Just like improv comedy and improvisational jazz, freestyle is a skill you can learn/be taught and get good at through practiced exercises, if you want. All musical improv is done at speed.

Not knocking anything here; just explaining it’s not magic. You work at it all the time and it will look like it, though.


Yea, you have a library of phrases and transitions, but it seems like it would be harder to do with words.

I know it’s practice, but I have never seen anyone do anything even close to what he is doing. Did you watch the videos? You have to admit that this guy is on another level.

I’ve known freestylers & improvs for most of my life. Freestyle’s a core fundamental of emceeing. Improv is a core fundamental for live musical and comedic performance. It’s just not a mystery is all I’m saying. It seems incredible to you because you’re an admitted outsider and so it’s not part of your culture. But you don’t blink when someone nails a unique guitar solo at the pub.

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its not really necessary to talk like u were raised in the ghetto to rap
so ive heard

Ok that was awesome. I’m hooked. Scanned around a little, but 8:35-9:05 or so was amazing.

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