One of the worst cards ever ?

Felt like it

very bleh

Yup Phone Post

Delorme fight was fun I can remember, the rest I already forgot in few hours

It was real bad Phone Post

Not as awful as Calgary was, but right up there.

Is every bad card the worst? This is the worst, before it was 149, then 149, it seems every below average card people claim its the worst ever.

No it wasnt the worst card ever.

Calgary all over again, weak b.s. card where none of the fights mattered.

Calgary all over again, weak b.s. card where none of the fights mattered.

Calgary was on a whole nother level imo. Phone Post

 I enjoyed it.

It's the worst card I can remember

add UFC 33 and UFC 149 to the list

That would have been a terrible card if it was on free TV.

I enjoyed the main and co main events Phone Post 3.0

CRMartin11 - This was definitely the worst PPV of the year so far. It probably does less than 250K. In comparison to UFC 149, 11, 33 etc this event was pretty good. This was a fuel level card. Not even FX.

Really? So the quality of the fights determine the number of buys? Are all UFC fans psychic?

Main and co-main were good. The rest, meh. Typical of UFC ppvs.

Glad I didnt buy it Phone Post 3.0

No it wasn't. People are overdoing it imo. Really the only bad fight was the Jimmo one, and the women's fight, while not extremely exciting, was a relatively entertaining grappling match. Jordan had the big KO which was nice, the main event was surprisingly a good fight and Miocic had a nice coming out party.

The worst card of the year yes, but people are wayy overstating how bad it was. This is kind of what I expected coming into it, with all the injuries decimating the original card. Not terrible, but not that good. It was below average.

Augustus Caesar - 

 I enjoyed it.

Really? What would you say were some of the highlights from tonight's card?