One of these ring girls looks like Miesha.

In the Mayweather-Maidana fight. She's a slightly hotter, less muscular Miesha. Nose is slightly better too. EDIT* NOW WITH PICS AND VID. Blue, please.

Rules man. I won't vote you down but come on Phone Post 3.0

Dem rules doe? Phone Post 3.0

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Pics? Phone Post 3.0

Wtf.... Phone Post 3.0

Pics or you shall be skinned alive by drunk zombie gnomes, you son of a bitch! Phone Post 3.0

Pics. Does this mean anything anymore? Phone Post 3.0

In? Phone Post 3.0

In before winter is coming....... Phone Post 3.0

Ok sorry guys. I was in the bar when I posted the thread and couldn't get a picture. I can't embed so this is the best I can do. There's not good quality videos on Youtube I'm afraid. She's the one on the right if you can't tell. Blue please

She kind of looks like a mix of Miesha and Cyborg because of the poor video quality.


^^is that MC Hammer?

Bry Bry - ^^is that MC Hammer?
Really, three hotties in the picture and your wondering about the dude? Phone Post 3.0