ONE off to a ROUGH start

Oh man
Not a good start on TNT

Audio issues
Terrible instant replays

It’s over before it started

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Not to mention Rich Franklin inability to speak without blubbering.

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Eddie loses

DJ loses

ONE loses…

It’s American audience

Looks like amateur hour, really shocked with the money TNT has. Poorly produced.

“Miesha take me with you!!”

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This ^

Yeah, I was really surprised how un-professional the production seemed. Was expecting something impressive for the debut. The fights didn’t help either…

I shook my damn head when that DQ happened. Then they couldn’t talk to him. The look on Rich’s face told it all.

I still enjoyed it. Kinda.

I’ll watch again but my expectations have been lowered

That’s Anderson’s fault, not One’s fault.


  1. The commentators were pretty bad. The guy in the middle was fine but the other two didn’t seem to know what they were talking about or just came across as insecure guys trying to prove something. Like Schaub when he first started podcasting. Rich Franklin was so unlikable it was shocking, I’ve always liked that dude. Nobody knew how to analyze the Eddie DQ. Eddie landed many illegal blows before the guy turned away from getting hit, he had pre-turned to protect himself from legal blows, but they just couldn’t seem to analyze what happened accurately and kept arguing, rich looking uncomfortable and mad, and the dude on the right grinning through his teeth, uncomfortably, while hammering a misleading point. It was amateur hour.

  2. Eddie clearly hit the head multiple times while bot connecting with the ear. The DQ was the correct call, no questions asked.

  3. Not sure why Eddie kept pulling the front of his shorty shorts down after he got called for the foul, it was the strangest and most uncomfortable thing I’ve seen in a while lol. He seemed anxious and almost threatening to yank his shorts down if he gets DQ’d. I’m sure it was not that but it was super strange lol.

  4. Regardless of this shit, I really enjoyed the event and look forward to more.