One on One with Randy Couture

This Thursday @ 8pm EST, my special guest on 'The Showdown' will be UFC Heavyweight Champion, Randy 'The Natural' Couture.

From his upcoming title defense (this Saturday night) vs Gabriel Gonzaga, to the various movies he will be starring in, Randy and I break down the

past, present and future that is 'The Natural'.

 As always, 'The Showdown' is live radio on The Fan 590 ( so anything can happen.

Note: This week 'The Showdown' will air 3 hours earlier than the normal broadcast time @ 11pm, and will go live @ 8pm.

I look forward to everyone who can tune in and above all, don't forget to call in.

Don't forget...Randy is on with me at 8pm EST. if you are not in the Greater Toronto Listening area.