ONE on TNT III Results & Discussion

Generally speaking yes, but the sage one was harsh I feel

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Nieky Holzken vs John Wayne Parr should’ve been on the main card. TNT got gypped.

Worthen looks thick solid and tight

Liniker is a big deal in One? Lol okay…

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Boom. Worthen should’ve tried to grapple more.

I thought Linker could speak English?

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They are notorious for feeding their guys random scrubs from all over the world. Vera gets to juice and gets a bum of the month regularly because he’s so popular in the Philippines. He hasn’t been relevant in the states in well over a decade.


I mean, he just had a major surgery on his hip. A comeback was never in the cards but I guess you had to let him try.

One fc

2 fights in 1 hour, three of who I don’t know and Liniker, their #1 ranked guy is an old ufc reject, this show didn’t do it for me.even watching on record with fast forward, I wasn’t interested.

Wanderlei Silva was a UFC reject before he went to PRIDE.

He became the most savage LH on the planet during his run.

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Sure, you can find extreme exceptions to the rule but that’s not too interesting. Liniker was fun to watch but I was hoping for more star power.