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I always thought Glory early on was making headway, but they made it difficult to follow by bouncing around networks, streaming services, etc.

This Rodtang fight is crazy. No defense at all and they are throwing 100%

Did they change the rule back after baroni stomped and soccer kicked that dude into bolivion?

More info about this

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Eddie still beat his ass. Dude can’t call that a win!!!

If that was UFC rules he would have probably won a 49-44 decision or immediately gotten a sub.

If we can STFU about that then we can STFU about any UFC fighter being GOAT

Training years not having to worry about getting kneed while in that position might have made DJ comfortable when he should have felt like he was in danger.


Agreed, he did seem to hesitate through the bad position as he was getting up. He also just got dropped, so that may have lent to the lack of awareness.

Amazing that they crown the champ/guy that clearly won the fight. Finished with a knee to a grounded opponent.

Rewind back to ufc, Petr should be the champ. I don’t dislike Sterling, but my God how can you be happy you just won the belt like that? I think Sterling had a better chance to defend himself from the knee than a rocked DJ would. I realize Sterling wasn’t expecting the knee, cuz rules. Same thing with DJ, cuz I agree with you headbutt. He has trained so long to feel safe there, it’s instinctual when you are rocked. The slightest hesitation on the ground, Chute box made a living in PRIDE off of opponents in those spots.

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