One Pound Over !!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you kidding me.........Silva wouldnt agree to put the title on the line because Travis weighed in at 186.5 pounds.

Now they are given a half pound either way. Isnt it up to the fighter if he stillwants to fight and put the title on the line?

If so.......I will never support Silva again. Its okay to say your scared if you're scared....

The commsion says that title fights need to be at weight.

professional who are paid to make weight should make weight. Why should Silva risk losing the title on a one in a million fluke if Travis couldn't even do the one thing he is paid to do, make weight.

My Bad... it was my understanding that they did have that half pound curve...and a Title holder still had the option of putting his title on the line.

even if it was 1/2 pound, he was 1 1/2 over.

A fighter has the option to fight or not when his opponent is overweight, but if they're not within the weight class limit the title can't be on the line, no matter what the guy wants.

My bad...I retract what I say about Silva.