One punch KO...damn

aaronlynton - are these people considered "hill folk"?

i dunno but it ain't even bush league. the real champ in the vid was the dog.

Heard these guys still make better money than UFC undercard guys ;)

 lol @ "I slipped"

Tiki would be proud.

4l8r Phone Post

 It was so obvious this was going to happen from the moment they both started moving. The difference in balance between them,the other guys motion, what a mismatch.

 That was embarassing for all involved including me

LMAO!!! The ring doctor kind of looked like a dog IMO. Phone Post

 So what state was this sanctioned in?  What a mess...

the dog shoulda pissed on the ko'ee just to add some insult to injury

Pork Sword -  Wow that dude takes a jab worse than Arlovski.

It wasn't a jab that knocked him out.

Dog FTW!

Perhaps the dog can open some kind of training center for refs? On top of the action, checked the downed fighter, sniff his sack. F'n 10 from the dog. Phone Post

The music, the dog, the barn, the tooth chair, the inability to care for a guy who's been knocked out.

It's just swell :D

ttt Phone Post

this thread delivers.

ttttt for the tooth stool fuck one i want five of those


 "ask for  a rematch" lol

Is that insulation hanging from holes in the roof? The MGM Grand is slipping these days. As for the fighters, the dude in the shirt looks like he needs "Mo" steroids......

Yes bitches, I just coined the phrase, mo steroids. As in you need MO!!!!!

is that a concrete ring?