One serious problem with new site...

 I like the new site with framed look. but there is a huge issue....




the old site worked perfectly at the office,  Kirik is their a way to rectify this?  there are lots of people that do most of their posting from work.  maybe keep the old domain as well as the new one?


it is odd because this is the only MMA site that comes up blocked

Well, at least you still get matbattle


Awww that freakin' sucks!

Was about to say what japetto said, use a proxy server. Google it.

Fuck this new layout altogether.

 get a better job fuck head.

 i tried a few proxys, they are all blocked too. FUCK


Post on the UG Errors and Suggestions forum. Kiriks been responding there.

pulling the thread titles back to the top to go to the next page is a smidge inconvenient. other than that i like it.

I am kinda pissed that my record is now 1-5, when I have only ever fought once, but oh well at least I have a win now, and over a good fighter too!