One thing (of many) thats sweet about the UG is...

No matter how many people we hate or disagree with here,

we always work together on romoshop threads. And others too.

But Kalib Starnes did make the UG all agree for once. That was weird.

kalib starnes: uniter of peoples

i think he finally found career he can succeed in!

speaking of peoples, did cecil judge that fight? cause I would have expected him to turn it into a split decision, if he did.

I also like how everyone pulls together when someone is having a rough go of it.

 good thread.

 you get my daily vote-up, sir.

^ Thanks man! =]

I hate you all until I get to hate someone else with you...

^ Valid point too. But your cool in my book Quincy.

Im just saying...I look at hate like sex...sure I'll do it alone most times, but I'd like to have a partner...

^ Since I don't care about much, I'll chime in on your threads unless it's something I completely disagree with.

^and I dont care about much either, cept yo mom!!!

GIJOEjiujitsu - i united everyone once with the unified hate of nancy pelosi.

United on the OG? Now THAT is an accomplishment. And I agree about Nancy.

Divided we are United and United we are STRONG!